Friday, December 27, 2013

7 Characters from 2013 Who Could Have Been Awesome Forever But Mysteriously Disappeared or Were Brutally Murdered

There's a certain type of anguish that emerges when your favorite supporting character is no longer around. Whether they were your show's villain, comic relief, or even just someone who happened to be around for a while, you miss them when they're gone.

Here are our top characters from 2013 who we feel could have been awesome forever, but for some reason or another (generally either a slow fizzle to the background or cold-blooded murder--there's hardly any in between) don't seem to be sticking around.

1. Qetsiyah from The Vampire Diaries 

Ever since Qetsiyah was first mentioned in Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries, we've been (im)patiently waiting for this potential baddie's arrival. When Season 5 began, we felt it in our hearts that Qetsiyah would show. And she did! And everything was AWESOME! And then...she was dead. More to the point, she killed herself. Which was, to say the least, a total bummer. With an entire season of buildup we thought Qetsiyah deserved at least half that before kicking the cauldron. When Bonnie died and lost her powers, we were down a Bennett witch, a position Qetsiyah could have stuck around to fill. We know The Vampire Diaries is known for its shockingly large body count, but we just don't want to let go of gems like Qetsiyah!

2. Josie Marcus from Scandal  

Josie Marcus, the one-time Democratic candidate for President on Scandal, could have been everything we'd ever dreamed of. She went on the feminist rant to end all feminist rants and she didn't apologize for it. Josie also spent seven years in the armed forces before becoming a congresswoman; plenty of time to get tangled up in a B613 conspiracy plot, if you ask us. There'd be nothing wrong with a little more girl power on Scandal, and Josie Marcus has our vote.

3. Tiny from Once Upon a Time

We first met Tiny along with his family of giants when Emma and Captain Hook climbed up the beanstalk in Season 2 Episode 6, "Tallahassee." Later on, after he was captured and shrunken, he came to Storybrooke and helped the characters grow magic beans so they could travel through realms. But now, since the crew traveled to Neverland, we haven't seen much of the loveable Tiny. So, where is he? Did he climb back up the beanstalk? Or is he still in Storybrooke growing beans? Wherever he is, we sure hope we haven't seen the last of him. 

  4. Betty from Masters of Sex 

If you didn't love Betty Dimello and her remarkable humor in Masters of Sex, we clearly weren't watching the same show. When Betty started working at the hospital as a receptionist to impress her Pretzel King suitor, we were sure she would stick around. Not to mention she and Virginia could have had the most awesome friendship on the show. We were sad to see her go (on a tearfully horrible note, no less, in which we discover she is barren) after only three episodes of her awesomeness. We will just have to watch re-runs of Season 1 and pine for what could have been.

5. Danielle from Covert Affairs

When Danielle moved to California in Season 3 of Covert Affairs, we were sad to see her go. She provided a much-needed presence outside of the CIA that rooted Annie's career in the real world, and also gave Annie's character a dimension that existed outside the spy game. But, we didn't expect that she would be gone forever. Danielle's continued radio silence during this year's Season 4 brought a whole new level of disappointment to her disappearance. You're telling us we didn't hear a peep out of Danielle when she found out her sister was dead? That Annie had time to do a little bus-spying on Auggie but not enough time to check in on how Danielle was doing mourning the death of her only sister? We're not asking for her to be in every episode, but an appearance every now and then would be greatly appreciated. And, come on, those little nieces are just too cute.

6. Jesse from The Vampire Diaries 

With many shows, especially those of the supernatural variety, the introduction of new characters is crucial. They come into the show knowing nothing, and all our characters have to explain the new rules of universe to them. For The Vampire Diaries, we were sure this 'newbie' was Jesse. When Jesse was unexpectedly turned into a vampire, Elena and Caroline gave him a crash course in Vampire 101. After being quickly introduced the basic elements of the shows mythology, Jesse could have joined the gang to solve some Whitmore College secrets, but instead, Elena killed him.
Love Interest Count: Elena: 2; Caroline: 0.

7. Rachel from Community 

We aren't alone when we say we wanted Rachel and Abed to be adorkable together for more than one episode of Community. Our imaginations ignited when we started to think of all the television tropes and movie scenarios they would play out on dates together. But alas, after Abed chooses to go on a date with Rachel the coat check girl at the end of his double date in "Herstory of Dance," he never brings her up again, and she never appears in the show thereafter. Wasted cuteness is not, as they say, "cool cool cool."

Written by: Milena
Milena is one half of the awesome team that created Red Herry. When not deciding which fictional vampire is her favorite, she enjoys cats, corn on the cob, and forcing the Harry Potter books onto unsuspecting children.
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Written by: Jacqueline 
Jacqueline is one half of the team at the helm of Red Herry, and the whole brain behind almost every fish pun you can find on this website. She is a fierce advocate for helmets, ice cream, and the Oxford Comma.
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Written by: Nicole 
Nicole lives in New York City and is a master television binge watcher. You can find her globetrotting around Europe, at a variety of strange musical venues, or in the shoe department. The one place you cannot find her is on Twitter. Get over it. 


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