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7 Universe Crossovers That 2013 Made Us Wish Were Real

Ever had that moment where you think, wait one second...why wouldn't Mulder and Scully from The X Files hang out with all the characters from The West Wing? Like, are we sure Dana and C.J. weren't secret besties at some point in their lives?

Of course you have had this moment. If you haven't, you're lying.

2013 was a great year for our overactive imaginations to theorize on potential crossovers. Here are our favorites.

1. Sleepy Hollow and Fringe

As soon as we heard John Noble was joining the cast of Sleepy Hollow, our brains damn near exploded. Not only would this fill our Walter void from losing Fringe early this year (rest in the sweetest peace), it also fed our imaginations the equivalent of a Christmas feast! Noble's character, Henry Parrish, not only has similar antics to his Fringe character Walter Bishop, but he also has the power to reach across dimensions. This screams Fauxlivia and Peter's long lost son Henry from the alternative universe, so don't even tell us otherwise.

2. Sleepy Hollow and Warehouse 13

Accents abound! For all those involved in both the Sleepy Hollow and Warehouse 13 fandoms, you know this crossover party is a match made in sci-fi heaven. Oh, what we would give for "awful intercourse" between these two time-displaced badasses! Face it, H.G. Wells' infatuation for new fangled inventions like Post-Its and her ability to swing around a grappler like a Head Bitch In Charge could only do wonders if paired with Ichabod Crane's polished sass. Also, this crossover would most definitely be filled to the brim with vocabulary porn.

3. Kenzi from Lost Girl, Claudia from Warehouse 13, and Cosima from Orphan Black

These three ladies practically beg to have their very own spin-off filled with steampunk, science, and sass. The adventures write themselves! They're the Charlie's Angels of science fiction! Mysteries will be solved with the fierce combination of Kenzi's kleptomania and sword-related agility, Claudia's talent for homemade inventions, Cosima's vast scientific knowledge, and all three girls' expert experience at how to rock a hairdo. Plus, witticisms all around! Fanfiction is now being accepted.

4. Grey's Anatomy and Scandal

If that call from the President of the United States at the end of Grey's Anatomy's Season 10 mid-season finale, "Get Up, Stand Up," isn't coming from the office of Fitzgerald Grant, you can color us disappointed. These two Shonda Rhimes shows may take place on opposite sites of the country, but that shouldn't stop them from existing in the same universe. Don't you think funding Derek Shepard's work could be just what President Grant needs to secure that reelection? Olivia Pope would surely agree.

Bonus: if you were paying careful attention during "Get Up, Stand Up," you'll also have noticed Scandal's signature camera click noises during the Grey's Anatomy title card. We may be looking a little too closely into this, but we like to think the crossover hints are in the details.

5. The Mindy Project and Orange is the New Black

In Season 1 Episode 19 of The Mindy Project, "My Cool Christian Boyfriend," Mindy and the rest of Shulman & Associates volunteer at a women's prison outside of New York City. While we didn't get a glimpse of any of our favorite Litchfield inmates, those stylish orange jumpsuits sure seem familiar now that we're looking back on it. And, we're pretty confident that there are only so many women's prisons that fit this particular bill. Headcanon accepted.

6. Covert Affairs and Suits

For those of us who saw the Covert Affairs and Suits promotional commercials last summer advertising each show's new season on USA, you know these teasers only left us all craving for more. Annie and Donna could quite possibly be the most frighteningly powerful friendship there is. Between Donna's omniscience and Annie's badassery, there's no doubt these ladies could take over the world. Plus, who isn't game for an elevator encounter between powerhouses Joan and Jessica?

Bonus: Covert Affairs and Suits film right next door to each other, so would someone just walk onto the wrong set and make all our dreams come true?

7. Community and Suits

Aside from the uncanny similarity of appearance, Suits' Mike Ross and Community's Jeff Winger thrown together at Greendale Community College's esteemed Fraudulent Lawyer Redemption program could only blossom into greatness. Fabricate a back story between these two charming criminals as old pals who teamed up to beat the system, throw in some illegal substances, and it sounds chang-tastic to us! Tentative spin-off title: Getting Your Shit Together.

Written by: Milena
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Written by: Jacqueline 
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