Friday, January 24, 2014

Catch of the Day: Playing Passenger on The Vampire Diaries

CATCH OF THE DAY: We all know The Vampire Diaries has no lack of great music, and the 100th episode, "500 Years of Solitude," did not disappoint. In this episode, while beloved character Katherine Pierce was lying on her deathbed and the rest of the characters were waiting for her to kick the bucket, a musical cue solidified our stance that Katherine wasn't ready to take a walk on The Other Side just yet.
Throughout the episode, Katherine's daughter Nadia presses her to consider becoming a Passenger inside her body. However, Katherine suffers a rare case of selflessness, and decides not to consider Nadia's offer. But, while it certainly seemed like Katherine really would be gone for good, The Vampire Diaries managed to foreshadow Katherine's impending future as a Passenger by playing a song by, you guessed it, Passenger.

Now, we know that the song "Let Her Go" was probably not chosen as the last song of the episode when the writers were breaking the story, but it is interesting to see how everyone involved in the process (in this case, the Sound Department) uses their area of expertise to tell the show's story in the best way possible.

The current radio hit "Let Her Go" by Passenger was our tip that Katherine was safe. Not only did song's lyrics ("You only know you love her when you let her go") fit perfectly in the scenes when Damon talks to Stefan about breaking up with Elena and when Bonnie was communicating with their (and our) dearly departed pals from The Other Side, but just as the song came to a close, Katherine literally forced herself back to life right before Elena's eyes. Unfortunately for Elena, being the only warm body around for Katherine to hitch a ride in as a Passenger wasn't exactly the response she was expecting to her "I forgive you for being the root of all my problems and for causing the death of everyone I love" speech.

Let's just hope Elena quickly realizes that she's blacking out at random before Katherine fully takes over her body, because we don't need to let Elena go to realize we love her.

Written by: Milena
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