Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Catch of the Day: Splitting Hairs on Orphan Black

CATCH OF THE DAY: While it was obvious that we didn't see much of Kira in Orphan Black's Season 2 premiere, you might not have noticed that it was Kira who bookended the episode, making for a very ominous start to the season.

In the very first scene of "Nature Under Constraint and Vexed" we find Sarah Manning on the run. With no where to turn, it's Pro-Clone Rachel Duncan who ends up on the other line of the infamous pink clone phone.

"There is a painless way to reunite with Siobhan and Kira," Rachel says, but Sarah's having none of it.

It's not exactly a phrase we haven't heard before. But, Orphan Black doesn't like to let its threats lie hanging, and this one's no exception.

In the episode's final scene, we catch our first glimpse of a supposedly-kidnapped Kira. And what do you know?! That mysterious man sure is getting up close and personal with more than one hair on Kira's head.

Opening and closing Orphan Black's Season 2 premiere with strong bookends like these not only makes for a tightly scripted episode, but also reinforces the fact that Kira (and the magical lizard DNA all tied up in those golden locks) continues to remain one of Orphan Black's central mysteries.

It looks to us like Kira's definitely caught in the crosshairs.

Written by: Jacqueline 
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  1. I am so overwhelmed by all the puns in this I almost can't focus on the content. Do I get a prize if I find them all?

    I love this though. The visual story telling in this show is one of my favorite things about it. A friend of mine commented (when I made her watch the first episode) on what a concise form of storytelling is used in each episode, that we learn a huge amount from each shot and each character very quickly through visuals and just a few lines of dialogue. It's a truly stunning amount of information and feeling to convey with just visuals.