Meet Herry: 

Once upon a time, a young woman named Scheherazade lived in Persia.

At the time, Persia was ruled by a vicious king, Shahryar, whose first and only love had broken his heart with her unfaithfulness. Each day, Shahryar took a new Queen, only to have her slaughtered the next morning, fearful of her future indiscretions.

When there were no more suitable brides left in all of Persia, Scheherazade, the daughter of the King’s vizier, volunteered herself to be the next Queen.

On the night of their wedding, Scheherazade began to tell King Shahryar a story, but refused to divulge its ending. The King was so interested to know what happened next that he postponed Scheherazade’s death until the next day, and then the next, and the next, as Scheherazade continued to weave her tales and withhold their conclusions.

By the end of one thousand and one nights, Shahryar had fallen in love with his Queen, and Scheherazade had become the mother of serialized storytelling.

Today, Scheherazade’s brave legacy lives in our television sets and our computer screens. We don’t take this inheritance lightly, and we know you don’t either. 

So what's this website all about?

Red Herry is the place where intelligent, hiatus-crazed minds live. Serialized stories are an art like any other, but they only work because we theorize, think, and anxiously await their next installments. 

We don't do recaps and we don't pass judgment. We won't bash your favorite episode or tell you what you should and shouldn't like. This website is an experiment. We want to prove that the television you obsess over isn't low art; it's not mindless entertainment and it's not just a show. 

We look at things objectively, analyze things academically, and catch the minutia that the writers, directors, actors, and production designers hid in plain sight. And we'll always do it using language that's easy for everyone to understand.

We're always open to new ideas. Want to write for us? We’d love to have you! Contact us at redherrytv@gmail.com.

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