Thursday, December 26, 2013

7 Best Television Social Media Accounts of 2013

The way we experience television is changing, ladies and gentlemen. This is the 21st century, and from where we're standing, social media rules all.

Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram...your grandmother may not be able to tell them apart (or pronounce them correctly), but the nuanced differences between each make for a very media savvy young viewership that can tell when you're not obeying the unwritten rules of whatever cybersphere you're flying through.

Here is our list of people who got it right in 2013. And when we mean right, we mean A+ past-perfection right.

1. Orphan Black on Twitter (@OrphanBlack) and Tumblr

If you've been participating in the Orphan Black fandom for any time at all, you know that whoever is in charge of the show's social media really knows what they're doing. Between Jell-O Prize Pack giveaways ("severed tail not included"), a rockin' Tumblr, and a fierce appreciation for fanart (even sharing pictures of the fan-made art that decorates the writers' room), the Orphan Black social media guru is the unchallenged Princess of #CloneClub. Come out from the shadows, Princess! Let us love you. We make a family, yes?

2. David J. Peterson on Tumblr

David J. Peterson created the Dothraki and Valyrian languages for Game of Thrones and the Castithan, Irathient, and Indojisnen languages for Syfy's Defiance. Obviously, he's a brilliant and very busy guy. But, that doesn't stop him from providing detailed answers to any linguistics-related questions you may have, or translating your name into Castithan for you if you want to tattoo it on your arm or butt or face. In fact, he wants pictures! And there's also a good smattering of cats thrown in there too, proving Peterson knows that cats are never out of place on Tumblr.

3. Chris Gorham on Twitter (@ChrisGorham)

There's hardly any other actor on Twitter who has mastered the art of the carefully draped document quite like Chris Gorham has. He's a master at sharing just enough covert intel to get Covert Affairs fans excited, while still keeping pretty much everything spoiler-free. Clearly, he's learned quite a bit from playing a spy on television. Add to this the fact that he's a great advocate for accessibility of all kinds, and it's not hard to see why he's made our list.

4. Orlando Jones on Twitter (@TheOrlandoJones) and Tumblr

The Sleepy Hollow fandom's darling, Orlando Jones is the biggest fanboy around, and he knows it. Known and beloved for his unabashed shipping of #Ichabbie, his sassy-as-Hell Tumblr, and general hilarity, he's the fandom dad you never knew you needed.

5. Shay Mitchell on Twitter (@shaymitch) and Facebook

If you're involved in social media at all during Pretty Little Liars, you probably know about Shay Mitchell's weekly Twitter and Facebook frenzy #PLLayWithShay. The leading lady is so involved with her fans every week during the show, replying to their questions on Twitter, retweeting their feedback, and answering their posts on her Facebook wall. She even posts videos to let her follows know where she is when the episode airs, to remind them not to forget to join in on her Twitter parties, and to thank them for being so involved. Looks like all that time getting acquainted with social media to avoid A really rubbed off!

6. Camilla Luddington on Twitter (@camilluddington)

If you follow the actress who plays Grey's Anatomy's Jo Wilson on Twitter, then you know she is the biggest Jo and Alex shipper in the entire fandom. Before the couple even got together on the show, she was tweeting backstage #Jolex pictures left and right. Judging by the amount of retweeted and replied to 'shipper' love from the fans on her account, if you didn't know she played Jo, you would easily assume she was Grey's Anatomy's number one fangirl. And to make it even better, she is a 100% spoiler-free tweeter!

7. The Fosters on Twitter (@TheFostersABCF) on Tumblr

Even though The Fosters on ABC Family is only in it's first season, the Twitter and Tumblr accounts for the show have proven to be remarkably interactive. The shows Tumblr page constantly reblogs and adds comments to fans .gif sets, posts behind the scenes pictures from future and aired episodes, and always asks fans to submit their comments about what they think will happen in the show based on the pictures. The Fosters accounts are also very good about spoilers, only revealing just enough through video promos and pictures to get fans excited and speculating.

Written by: Milena
Milena is one half of the awesome team that created Red Herry. When not deciding which fictional vampire is her favorite, she enjoys cats, corn on the cob, and forcing the Harry Potter books onto unsuspecting children.
Follow Milena on Twitter: @RazberryBattle 

Written by: Jacqueline 
Jacqueline is one half of the team at the helm of Red Herry, and the whole brain behind almost every fish pun you can find on this website. She is a fierce advocate for helmets, ice cream, and the Oxford Comma.
Follow Jacqueline on Twitter and Tumblr.


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