Submission Guidelines

So, you're interested in writing for Red Herry. That's great! Welcome! We'd love to have you.

Red Herry accepts submissions from anyone, anywhere, as long as what you have to say is interesting, smart, and totally tv (don't be nervous, we're sure it's all three of these things). 

Here are some guidelines to help get you started. 

  • Every submission must be your own writing and ideas, not anybody else's. Please obey this rule, as the alternative is called plagiarism
  • There are no previous qualifications necessary to write for Red Herry. Anybody can send us a submission! We do not consider experience, age, or number of twitter followers when considering who or what to publish. We're just looking for quality.
  • We will accept submissions of previously posted material (i.e. posted on your personal blog) as long as you grant us your permission to re-post and promote it (attributing everything to you, of course).

  • Red Herry is in the market for objective analysis of television shows as related to parallels, symbolism, mythology, dramatic devices, themes, interpretations, naming, music, or absolutely anything that might strike your fancy. Feel free to surprise us! 
  • What we won't accept: recaps (ew), reviews, personal opinions, theories, etc. A general rule of thumb is that if what you're writing is highly subjective, it's probably not for this website
  • Please use simple and explanatory language. We want this website to be accessible to all. You are, of course, encouraged to use high-level terms and concepts, as long as you remember to explain them in layman's language.
  • Analysis of any television show is accepted, whether the show is on or off the air, ran for ten seasons or ten episodes. Comparisons between two (or more!) television shows in the same piece (like this one) are also accepted.
  • Currently, Red Herry is only accepting submissions that have to do with television shows or miniseries, not movies or books or any other medium. However, if you want to talk about a television series in relation to a movie or book, that's fair game! Here's an example.

  • The two formats Red Herry is currently accepting are: full length articles (which can address anything at all related to tv), or a "catch of the day" (which is a short article about something small you might have noticed while watching a show). For example, a catch of the day might be about the meaning or history of a character's name, while a full length article might be about how the origin story behind that name relates to the series as a whole.
  • Full length articles usually run between 750 and 1500 words, while a catch of the day can range between 50 to 400 words. If your piece is a little longer than this, that's fine! We will also still accept pieces that are much longer, but we will probably ask your permission to split these longer pieces into several different full-length articles.
  • Visual stimulation is always encouraged. Please include pictures, screencaps, gifs, or videos to drive home your point. (Here is a great example of how images can be used within an article). There is no limit to how many images you can include. In fact, the more the better! But, we do encourage at least 1-2 images for a catch of the day and at least 3-6 images for a full length article.

Final Submissions
  • All final submissions should be emailed to We will send you a confirmation email when we receive your work, and will get back to you in a timely manner regarding publication.
  • When submitting, please include the entire text of your piece in a .doc, .docx, .txt file, google doc, or in the body of your email. If you want to include any outside links in your writing, please indicate where they should go in whatever format makes it easiest for you and understandable for us. The same goes for your preference for image placement within your piece.
  • Image or video files should be included in your submission email. If you don't have any images or videos, we'll try to help you out, but submissions including pre-selected images will be fast-tracked through the publication process. If the image you'd like to use doesn't belong to you, please indicate the owner.
  • Don't forget to include your name and a short, two sentence description of yourself for the "about the author," as well as a small, square picture of yourself and any links to your Twitter, Tumblr, or other social networking sites where you'd like readers to find you. Examples can be found at the end of every article, like so. We will track you down for this, so please write your own, as we don't know anything about you. If you forget, we'll say you're a forgetful alien from Planet Anonymous or something. 
  • Red Herry reserves the right to edit and update any and all submissions to adhere to our preferred grammar and style standards. We'll always let you know if anything needs heavy editing, and will ask for your final approval before publishing anything that's undergone major changes. 
  • We are unable to offer compensation for published work at this time. Currently, this website makes negative dollars. However, we will promote everyone's work all over every social media channel we have (most likely to a sickening degree). 

Additional Questions
  • If you have any questions at all that these extremely helpful guidelines did not address, please feel free to contact us here or by sending an email to Don't be shy. We're super friendly and nice. And we really want you to write for us.

Happy writing to all! We can't wait for you to be part of the team. 

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