Thursday, September 12, 2013

Catch of the Day: This Warehouse 13 Joke on Happy Endings is Amahzing

CATCH OF THE DAY : Penny Hartz is a Warehouse 13 fan, so let's all cry into our meatball sandwiches over the two cancellations that hit us the hardest this year.
CATCH OF THE DAY: We feel you, Warehouse 13 fans. Anytime you fix something using percussive maintenance, burst out random facts about Torquemada or Hatshepsut, or accidentally call the real-life H.G. Wells a she, there's just blank stares all around. No one gets it. Right?


Penny Hartz, the lovable serial dater and not-so-secret television fangirl on ABC's Happy Endings, is one of the tribe. Just check out this flawless Mrs. Frederic joke she makes when Jane appears in her rear-view mirror unexpectedly:

Seriously, somebody get this girl a grappler and let her run the world.

Written by: Jacqueline 
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